If you are located in Washington DC, you will be happy to know that there are a ton of great options available to donate a used car.  Donating a vehicle to charity, such as the Goodwill Industries, is one of the best options for getting rid of your old vehicle.

Have a vehicle that’s no longer running and thinking about sending it to the salvage or wrecking yard? Hold up – that may not be your best choice. That route will not bring you much money, especially when you factor in towing costs. Rather than wasting your time, effort and money with a salvage yard, you can make the process incredibly easy and beneficial by utilizing one of DC’s vehicle donation programs.

Contacting Charity Dispatch is the first step. With a simple phone call or by going online, you’re able to get your vehicle donation process rolling. A customer service representative will walk you through the process – answering any and all questions or concerns you may have. Your vehicle will then be picked up within 48 hours of contacting Charity Dispatch, at a time convenient to you, at no cost to you.

Once your vehicle has been picked up, Charity Dispatch does all the rest. From bringing your car to auction to delivering the proceeds to the charity of your choice. You can sit back, relax and know your vehicle is going to help those in need. Then, within 30 days you’ll receive a receipt in the mail that you can use for a deduction on your taxes.

So if your vehicle isn’t in working order or running condition, no need to scrap it – Charities will still be able to accommodate you, as they will utilize your vehicle at an auction in order to raise money for their cause.  Donate a Used Car today!