Goodwill Industries has been helping people help themselves for over 100 years. They serve people with mental and physical disabilities, the unemployed, new immigrants, ex-offenders, mature workers and low income youth. Goodwill programs provide job training and assistance in finding employment. The programs that they run create productive neighbors in your community.

Among the first charities to understand the value of donated goods, Goodwill Industries has accepted auto donations for many years. Much of the money raised to support them comes from the sale of donated goods. They are known for their thrift stores where they sell donated clothing and household goods to the public.

Depending on the chapter, when you donate your car it may be used in their wheels to work program. Wheels to work provides autos to people who cannot afford them and don’t have access to other transportation. Your donated used car can mean the difference between employment and unemployment for someone.

Many auto donations are sold and the proceeds are used to fund Goodwill programs. When you donate a used car to Goodwill Industries, the money raised helps to keep their important programs running. In these difficult economic times their job training programs are more important and more in demand than ever before.

As with many charities, the car donation program is an important source of funding. They depend on the revenues of the program to keep up their training programs. Many chapters offer free GED classes and other training and education programs to people who want and need to be employed. The work done by Goodwill Industries helps people become independent and gives them the ability to support themselves and their families, improving the communities they serve.

When you donate a car to charity, you have many charities to choose from. Goodwill Industries is an established charity with a proven record of serving communities and improving the quality of life both for the people who participate in their programs, and for the community at large. Consider making GW your choice for your generous car donation.

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