Charity Dispatch helps organizations create, implement, and manage vehicle donation programs all across the United States. They work to make sure that when you donate a used car to charity, that the Non-Profit organizations receiving the vehicle will get the logistical and managerial support needed to help people. Charity Dispatch helps organizations achieve maximum profitability from all of their fund raising efforts. Their site at can help you when you want to donate a used car to one of these charities. Since the tax law changes of 2004, the vehicle donation industry has experienced some difficult times. Many have abandoned their programs altogether because of the burdensome government regulations.

Charity Services comes in to play when organizations face a lack of funding or don’t have sufficient manpower to continue operating. Their experience and dedicated staff gives them the confidence to say that their services are truly the nation’s leader in charitable logistics. If you want to donate a used car, go to and you can do so online. Just put your information into the online form and submit and you will receive a confirmation of your donation.

Not only can you improve a community when you donate a used car to charity, but you can also benefit with your taxes. Tax time is usually a stressful time for a lot of people who are worried they won’t have as many deductions as they would like. When you donate used car, you will get an automatic deduction of at least $500. If the deadline for a tax refund has already passed, you can still donate the car to get a deduction on your taxes next year.

Many charities that you are familiar with like Goodwillâ„¢ depend heavily on donations to fund and sustain a number of their programs. When you donate a used car to your local Goodwillâ„¢, it can have a lasting impact on members of your community. If the vehicle is in running condition, it may be used in the wheels to work program to provide someone with the transportation they need to get work and take care of their families. If you donate a used car that is not running, the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will be put towards programs that give disabled and disadvantaged individuals the necessary skills and training to join the workforce. Goodwillâ„¢ partners with different local businesses that give these people the opportunity to hone their skills and obtain real world experience.

When you donate a used car, it will do a lot for other charitites, too. Donating a vehicle to your local chapter will go towards a multitude of different projects. The most common and important one is emergency relief services although different chapters have specific programs unique to their division. For instance, a charity house in Philadelphia gives families displaced by natural disaster a temporary home. No matter what the program or the division you donate a used car to, it will benefit the charity you donate it to. Go to to learn more about donating your vehicle.