Donate Car Maryland – Getting Ready for Spring Clean up

As the snow flies, we are still drawn to thinking about cleanup plans for spring, this may include getting any old junk vehicles out of your yard as well as making room in the driveway for the cars you drive every day. You may be wondering what to do with the cars and other vehicles that are on your property, you may have no time or the desire to try to sell them and you may not want to just give them away to anybody either. Why not donate your car in Maryland and help people less fortunate than you are.

This offers you a no hassle way to clean up your yard, but at the same time you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the proceeds from your old cars will benefit someone who needs a job or a place to live. So when you are thinking Spring Cleanup head over to the Charity Dispatch website to fill out our donation form, once you have taken care of that we will set up a time to come pick up your junkers.

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