Make This Winter Special, Donate a Car in Maryland

With winter upon us and the chance of snow on the horizon, many people are going to have a hard time getting around because it is too cold to walk and they cannot afford to buy a car. You can donate a car in Maryland and make an incredible difference in someone’s life. When you have an older car that you no longer need, but is still in good enough running condition to provide someone else with reliable transportation, it only takes a few minutes to donate it.

When you go through Charity Dispatch to donate a car in Maryland, you can decide which charitable organization you want it to go to. From here we will send out a driver or a tow truck to take the car off your hands and deliver it to the carefully selected recipient.  Your old car can give someone a chance to take better care of their family this winter and is a fully tax deductible donation, when you donate, everybody wins.

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