Are you on the fence as to what to do with your old or unused car? Why not consider donating your car to charity. There are a lot of benefits that is gained from donating cars to charity. Here are a couple of reasons why you should donate car to charity instead of selling or leaving it at your driveway or garage:

” When You donate Car To Charity It Can Really Be Rewarding Experience For Both Parties
When you go ahead to donate your car to charity, the vehicle you donate is used to help the charity or simply sold at an auction. This also means that all of the proceeds will go towards a worthy cause. When you donate car to charity, you have simply found a way to get rid of your jalopy while still supporting the charity involved in a cause of your choosing. There are a lot of various types of charities which accept donation of vehicles, so you can support different types of worthy causes through the donation of vehicles. Charity Dispatch offers you the opportunity to easily donate car to charity, all you have to do is simply choose the charity that you want to support with your vehicle donation and the Charity Dispatch’s well trained staff will help guide you through the car donation process.

” Save Your Time & Money
For those individuals who have decided to sell their used or abandoned cars, there sure is a lot of work that they will need to do. First and foremost, the seller must find a really good way to advertise the sale of his or her or simply do something else in order to get a potential buyer. This of course can be a waste of time and expensive as well if they decide to go take the advertising route. When you donate car to charity, most times charities will arrange to have your car picked up and towed absolutely free off charge – Charity Dispatch will have your car picked up within 24 to 48 hours!
The process of donating your car can really be quite easy in comparison to selling your car, which may not be a really smooth process especially when you are dealing with very questionable buyers. There are other ways that you can save money when donate car to charity. By getting rid of your jalopy through donating it, you can also save money by not spending money to pay for insurance, maintenance, gas and other expensive things associated with owning a older model vehicle.

” Tax Deduction – Yay!
When you donate car to charity, you will receive some sort of written receipt for the transaction. You can use the receipt for tax deduction purposes. Agreed, you might not want to donate car to charity just because you want tax shelter but see it as your reward for having a kind heart; remember that no good deed ever goes unrecognized. So go ahead donate car to charity!