Donate Cars –  How to determine your Tax Write off when you Donate Cars

You may think that the write off when you donate cars is a simple matter, in most cases many people think that you simply take the blue book value of your car, but the truth is that you can no longer do just that, sadly too many people have abused the system so the result is that now the IRS rules are a little more complex.

When getting ready to figure the value of your car, keep in mind that for any value under $500 you need do nothing but claim it, however if you are donating cars worth more than $500 then you must take the time to figure your deduction with the place you donated your car to.

If the charity auctions your car off for less than the blue book value you get the value that they received for a write off, if they auction it for more, or if they use the car for a period time before auctioning it off, you will get the full blue book value.

Charity Dispatch is the place to go if you want to know more about how to donate cars.

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