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Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain
Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest

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How To Donate A Car In Idaho

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Idaho state bird: Mountain Bluebird
Idaho state flower: Syringa
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Donating a car in Idaho is easy, fast and free. When you donate your car pick-up is done quickly, often within one business day. You can donate a car, boat or RV in Idaho regardless of its condition.

When you donate a car to charity in the state of Idaho your car donation will allow you to claim a tax deduction according to the charity’s tax classification with the IRS.
Donating a car directly to charity is the best way to ensure that you can claim your vehicle as a tax deduction. Besides that, donating a car directly to charity is the only way to be sure that the proceeds of the sale of your car donation go directly to the charity.

When you are ready to donate your car, boat or RV in the state of Idaho the quickest way to begin the process is to have the title to your car, boat or RV, all of which require titles in the state of Idaho. The state of Idaho does not require a title for ATV’s, off road motorcycles, snowmobiles acquired before 1991 or farm and construction equipment as well as boat trailers under two thousand pounds. Donating these vehicles is simple and quick. If you are donating a vehicle that requires title in the state of Idaho and do not have the title papers you can apply for a replacement title. Applying for a replacement title must be done prior to donating your vehicle in the state of Idaho. Obtaining the necessary forms is easy and can be done by visiting the state of Idaho’s Department of Motor Vehicles website.

When you are ready to donate your car, boat or RV, in order to transfer title correctly you as the donor must sign the release on the title and complete the assignment to the new owner. If there is an ‘and’ conjunction on the face of the title, all owners will be required to release the title with their signatures. If there is an ‘or’ conjunction, only one of the owners need sign to release the title. For more information on the title process in the state of Idaho you may visit the Idaho Transportation Department website.

For assistance in releasing liability of your donated vehicle you can refer to the Idaho Transportation Department website or call them at 208) 334-8000.