Why do you Need a Middle Man When you Donate a Used Car?

Rather than viewing a middle man with suspicion when getting ready to donate a used car keep these facts in mind. Many charities have stopped taking used car donations due to the changes in IRS laws and the amount of extra work that was involved in taking these sorts of donations. The use of a donation program such as Charity Dispatch makes the process viable for charities again.

Charity Dispatch also makes your process as the donor even easier and safer as well as ensuring that you get the top value possible when taking your tax deduction. You will never be involved in the sale, nor will you ever need to worry about your name being involved in any problems that may occur with your old car down the road. Charity Dispatch keeps a dealer’s license to ensure that such problems never occur. If you would like to donate a used car, donating through Charity Dispatch is the easiest and safest way to do so.

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