Donate Used Vehicle

Many people donate used vehicle to charity to easily get rid of it and get a tax deduction too. Car donation has become a very popular alternative to selling. You can help countless people if you donate a used vehicle that you no longer use. The tax incentive also spurs many people to donate used vehicle.

Reasons Why You Should Donate Used Vehicle to Charity:

Donation of a used vehicle brings many benefits to the donor:

You get to support a cause you believe in.

You get free vehicle pickup and do not need to pay anything while donating.

Saves you from the hassles of advertising and selling.

You get a tax deduction equal to the fair market price of your car.

You can donate any drivable vehicle such as scooter, cars, trucks, RVs even if they are wrecked.

Which Charitable Institute Should you Donate To?

There are numerous charities that accept car donations. Make sure you donate your vehicle to a reputable, well established and non-profit charitable institute. A list of recognized charities which are eligible for receiving tax deductible vehicle donations can be found at the official website of the Internal Revenue Services. If a little precaution can make sure that your car gets used for charity, you should take all care not to donate to a fraudulent company.

How do Charities Use your Vehicle?

Charities can use your vehicle for a number of purposes depending on their needs at that particular time. If your car is in good working order, it can be retained by the charity for logistics and transportation. However, most charities choose to sell the vehicles. The money from the sale of the car is used by the charity to fund their cause. Whatever the charity may do with your car, you should receive a tax receipt so as to get a tax deduction.

Donate Used Vehicle Now!

If you too have a used car that you want to get rid of, donate it now. Donate used vehicle to contribute to the society and get a tax incentive in return. To donate a used vehicle is one of the most generous contributions you can make to your community. You will be making a difference in the lives of many who are less fortunate than you are.

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