Donate Used Vehicle – Don’t know what to do with that used Motorcycle in the Back Yard?

Did you know that you can not only donate cars but you can donate any used vehicle that you happen to have? This includes motorcycles, motorhomes, boats and much more. While you may think that the old used motorcycles stored in your garage or rusting in your back yard may be of no use to you or anyone else, charity can take these old vehicles fix them up and sell them at auction. The proceeds from the auction go to facilitate the vehicle donation program then to the charities that the vehicles have been donated to, to help those in need.

What may seem like trash to you could indeed help a charity change a life or even save one, this means that you can get the clutter hauled away from your home and feel good about it at the same time. Charity Dispatch is ready to help when you are ready to donate a used vehicle to charity. We will tow your vehicle away and ensure that you get the maximum allowable deduction for your donation.

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