Donate Your Car | How Vehicle Donations Help Charities

Thinking about donating a vehicle to charity, such as Goodwill Industries? When you donate your car to charity, most of the times it is sold at an auction and the proceeds are given to the charity. Ever wonder how much of the auction price actually goes to the charity?

It is a legitimate question, but one that is not easy to answer. Vehicle donation programs involve many stages and many people. From those who do the marketing and advertising for the program to the customer service professionals who answer your phones day and night, arranging the logistics involved with your donation, to the people who tow your vehicle from your residence to the auction location to the actual auctioneer and people involved in with operating the auction.

For instance, advertising, for both vehicle donation programs and the cars themselves, is always a variable cost, often changing monthly depending on the needs of the charity. While the advertising and marketing department might not be the number one area you’d like to see the proceeds from your car donation go to, it is just as important as the service programs. For example, without knowledge of the donation program gained from marketing campaigns, someone wanting to donate a vehicle might not have any idea of how to go about it.

The charities that Charity Dispatch works with receive the proceeds from the auction of your vehicle after all expenses are paid. While higher valued donated vehicles will net the most money for charity, remember this: Charity Dispatch accepts nearly every vehicle you can think of, and its partner charities are always ever thankful for any and all money actualized by your gracious car donation.  Donate your car today!