Donated Cars

If you cannot afford a car, you may be able to get a free donate car from charity. Many people donate their used cars to charity and these charities provide free cars to those in need. It is not easy to locate such charities as most of the donated cars are sold at auctions to generate money for other charitable causes. But if you desperately need a car, follow these instructions to get one.

Qualify for Donated Cars

Make sure you qualify to receive a free car. There are many charitable institutes which provide free vehicles to women, military families, people with disabilities, etc.

Research carefully. Find out organizations that accept car donations and check if these organizations give away free cars. If you’re not sure if the organization provides donated cars for free call them and find out. Some of them may say no but do not lose hope. Keep on trying and you’ll definitely find an organization to suit your needs.

Get in touch with your local goodwill office. The goodwill industries website has a list of all local offices. If you do not have a vehicle to get to work, you may qualify for their “Wheels to Work” campaign and get a free car.

Ask for assistance from your local church. They may be able to inform you of local charities which give away free cars. They may also know of someone who wishes to donate his car and arrange for you to get it by a direct transfer of titles through the DMV.

Donated Cars are out there

Do not give up. Even if its not easy to get a donated car for free, it is certainly not impossible. Apply to a lot of charities. Although their application procedures may differ, they will require some documentation. Make sure that you can verify your income and prove your need for a car. Charities may require you to go through a screening process to help them determine whether or not you qualify to receive donated cars. Donated cars are often in short supply and it is the responsiblity of charities to select the appropriate recipients to receive donated cars. It is he mission of charities to help those in need by supplying them with the resources necessary to build a better life such as donated cars.

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