Donating Cars To Charity

Donating cars to charity is a method many people use to shield themselves from added tax burden. While there may be many other ways to cave tax, the feeling of having contributed to a noble cause encourages people to take the step of donating cars to charity. There are innumerable organizations that work on a non-profit basis towards important causes. Such organizations will welcome your move to give away your car. But there are some points to consider before donating cars to charity.

Start Donating Cars To Charity

The first point to consider while donating cars to charity is to find the right organization to donate your car. There are many organizations that proclaim they are contributing to the society but not all can be trusted. You must take time to find the right place before donating cars to charity. Also such places must be eligible to accept donations so that you can get a receipt from them. This is necessary because at the end of the day, it is you who have to account for the car that is donated.
Donating cars to charity can be fruitful if you know they are using it for the right purpose. While some may want to use it to reach medical help to people and related causes, other organizations may want to sell the car to generate money for their work. In such cases, you must ensure that you have a clear idea about what the organization will do when donating cars to charity. Also, you must ensure your role is limited to just donating cars to charity and your name does not figure in any further transactions.
Be wary of people posing as middle men when you are donating cars to charity. Such people will say they will help you in donating cars to charity, but they will actually make money out of the deal. As much as possible, you must network with charities while donating cars to charity. This way you can directly interact with them instead of engaging middle men to mediate.
Get your car valued before donating cars to charity. This will help since you will have to attach an IRS form along with your tax return if the car is valued to be more than $500. You will want to keep the procedure of donating cars to charity as simple and transparent as possible. So ensure you have not skipped this vital step.

Donating Cars To Charity Helps Those In Need

You are doing a good deed by donating cars to charity but you must be cautious to make the whole procedure hassle free so that it does not land you in trouble. If you have any doubts, make a thorough check on legalities while donating cars to charity. This way you will not overlook any step so you are on the safer side.

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