With the price of scrap being at an all time high you can not afford to be sending all of your cars to auction.

There are thousands of salvage yards all across the county. Each and every one of them would love to buy your scrap cars.

Things to look for from scrap buyers

  • What other clients are they doing business with in the vehicle donation industry?
  • Will they let you contact some of those clients?
  • How often do they pay for vehicles?
  • Will they pay you in advance for your vehicles?
  • Do they have a dealer’s license for resale?

Things you MUST do to manage a scrap buyer’s account

  • You must communicate with them at least once a week to keep track of your inventory
  • Make sure you get a photo copy of the front and back of every title
  • If the scrap yard goes more then 30 days with out paying you CUT THEM OFF
  • Don’t listen to their excuses as it will only cost you money!

If all of this sounds a little daunting then check out our direct buy program. Why deal with all the hassles when you can have us do all the work!