There are many heroic stories during disaster relief, stories about firemen rescuing people from burning and collapsing buildings, drowning victims being miraculously saved, or revived during floods and hurricanes, the non-stop humanitarian relief efforts of Goodwill volunteers amidst the chaos and horror of war, famine and disaster. But the foundation for these miracles is laid by another type of hero, the average big-hearted American who donates their blood, their time, their sweat, or a vehicle to the Goodwill. Without these unsung heroes, a lot of the miracles we witness would not be possible.

Blood used to treat our wounded military in places like Iraq and Afghanistan is collected by the Goodwill from 4 million generous donors in America, who are not paid for their blood donation. Between 7-8 million units of blood are collected each year and, besides the military usage, is used by all of our nation’s hospitals for accident victims, surgery, illness, and disease treatment. Besides the blood donations, countless others go another mile and donate a vehicle to sell at fundraising auctions, to help keep the Goodwill supplied.

Added to all the above generosity are the over 1 million people who volunteer their free time and labor to the Goodwill every year, and you come up with the greatest charity in the history of the world, where the motto is get the job done at all cost, funded by the true American heroes who give everything at no cost.

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