Every once in a while you get up enough energy to again think about selling that old truck in your driveway or yard, the one you’ve been meaning to restore to its original pristine condition. But after considering, for the umpteenth time, all the costs associated with the restoration, you sigh, and start to pick up the phone and call the salvage yard. If you have already made this call once, you may already know it is going to cost you to have it towed away, so instead of calling that salvage yard, why not donate the truck instead?

Charities like the Goodwill Industries will be glad to come and tow your donated truck for free. Not only will you save the money it would have cost to either restore the truck or to have it towed away, you will have another deduction if you itemize your tax return. The charity will provide you with the proper paperwork within 30 days, and if you have any questions about claiming your truck donation as a deduction, your accountant is certainly up on the latest I.R.S. guidelines and can give you the lowdown quickly.

Truck donations are a huge part of fundraising efforts of Goodwill, and many other reputable charities, and one of the easiest ways to help charity even if you don’t have money to donate. Not only will the charity thank you, but neighbors tired of looking at your truck may thank you too!

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