If you thought that only the for-profit companies were taking a hit with the down economy, think again. While it is pretty much common knowledge that people are cutting down on their frivolous and not so frivolous spending in light of the current financial landscape, it is less publicized that people are also doing less in the way of donations. In the past, charities like Goodwill Industries have leaned upon both small and large donations to do their work. Specifically, auto donations have paced their effort.

People have always been more likely to donate a car to charity when the economy was going well. Most individuals are more inclined to look at the short term picture, which promotes the idea of holding onto your resources and protecting your property. The truth of the matter is that if you want to donate your car, the benefits of that can be even more important when the economy is struggling. Even when things are not going well out in the business world, the government is still going to ask for their money. With auto donation, you can take a little bit of the load off of your taxes.

This is the message that the non-profit corporations are trying to get across to people out there. Just because the economy is bad does not mean that you have to cut out philanthropy. Specifically, vehicle donation can be a really good thing to do when things get tight. After all, you are not going to be able to sell the car for as much on the open market and it doesn’t do much good sitting around in your garage. If a charity can use it and you can benefit from the government tax relief, then there is no reason why you should neglect to donate your car.

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