You might be thinking about donating a vehicle to charity, such as Goodwill, and wonder how much of the auction price actually goes to the charity. It is a legitimate question, but one that is not easy to answer. Vehicle donation programs involve many people, from the people who do the advertising for the program, the people who answer the phones day and night to arrange the logistics involved in the donation, people who tow the vehicle that has been donated, to the actual auctioneer and people involved in the auction itself.

Towing is a fixed cost, and it averages around $75 per vehicle. The advertising for the vehicle donation program is a variable, but expensive cost in and of itself, and perhaps the most vital part of the process outside of the vehicle donation itself. Without knowledge of the donation program, someone deciding to donate a vehicle would have no idea how to go about it. The only way to get this information to the public is through advertising, and radio, television, and newsprint advertising is a huge expense. The auctioneer and others involved in the auction itself must be paid, so the entire process leading to the selling of the car has many costs to cover.

The charities receiveĀ  proceeds of the selling price after these expenses are paid, so the higher priced donated vehicles will net the most money for charity, but remember this: nearly all vehicles will be accepted, and charities are ever thankful for all money realized by your gracious donation.

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