Fundraisers are for profit companies that work with nonprofit corporations and assist in raising donations to support the work of the nonprofit. Although fundraisers are paid for their work, without their efforts, many non profits would have to close their doors. The work of fundraisers in vehicle donation programs is especially crucial.

The cost of running an auto donation program is prohibitive for many non profits. Buying the necessary equipment, hiring personnel and handling clerical tasks involving auto donation would not allow for a return on the program. By working with several charities and providing services to all of them, the fundraiser is able to make a small profit while the charity can benefit from a major source of donations. Some larger charities may handle vehicle donations themselves, but for most non profits the fundraiser provides the only avenue of profitability for these donations.

When you donate your car to a charity, it will be handled, in most cases by a fundraiser who has contracted with the charity to provide the service. The fundraiser provides the tow truck, car auctions and does the paperwork associated with these gifts, allowing the charity to receive the majority of the donation and continue with their important work. In most cases, after the expenses are paid and the fundraiser receives their fee, the charity receives nearly 50% of the sale of the vehicle. That amount is often more than the average cash donation.

You may not like the idea of a fundraiser being paid for this work, but the truth is that, without fundraisers, many charities would have to shut their doors. Fundraisers provide advertising services and often provide news releases as well, keeping a charity’s name in the public eye. If you had never heard of Goodwill Industries, how would you know they needed donations? Fundraisers support their charities by letting people know about them and their work.

When you donate your used car to charity, be assured that the fundraiser will do everything possible to maximize the sales price and allow the charity to reap as much of your donation as possible.

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