Goodwill Industries is one of the oldest and most active charities in the United States. In addition to supporting one of the largest blood banks in the country, the Goodwill provides disaster relief worldwide, and provides health and safety education in communities all over the country. Many people have received their CPR certification through programs run by Goodwill.

In order to continue their charitable work, Goodwill needs a constant influx of donations. Donations are the only revenue source which non profits have to fund the work they do. Have you or a family member ever received a transfusion? Has anyone you know received lifesaving CPR? The Goodwill runs the largest blood bank in the country and provides first aid and CPR training for the public.

Maybe you just bought a new car and didn’t trade in the old one because the dealer wouldn’t offer enough money on it. You can donate your car to the Goodwill vehicle donation program. Your gift will provide funding for important programs and give you the benefit of a tax deduction which is based on the retail value of the car.

It’s really easy to donate a used car to Goodwill. You can do it by phone or online. Your car will be picked up at your home and you won’t have to deal with any paper work from the division of motor vehicles. That will be handled through the charity. You will receive the necessary statement of value form so you can deduct your donation from your taxes.

Auto donation programs provide a significant source of revenue to the charity. Without these donations, many programs might have to be cut or scaled back. Car donations by individuals support programs that save lives, maybe even yours.

So, if you are getting rid of that old car anyway, donate your car to Goodwill. It’s easy for you and you never know whose life might be saved through the programs of the Goodwill.

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