Good fences make good neighbors and so do good property values. So be a good neighbor and donate your old vehicle. Donate a car to charity instead of letting become a piece of lawn art that only you can appreciate. Donating a car not only clears out space for other things like lawn furniture, flowers and even a new car, it lets your neighbors breathe a sigh of relief.

They no longer have to stare at this aging piece of machinery day after day taking up space in your yard, driveway or on the street. In fact vehicles that are left on the street for too long without being driven are often ticketed and towed. This doesn’t do anyone any good and it takes money out of your pocket. By making a car donation not only can you avoid an unnecessary tow and blow to your wallet you can actually earn tax credit and the tow is absolutely free.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is in pristine condition or on its last leg; as long as we can get it on the tow truck you can donate your car. Your neighbors will be pleased that the vehicle is no longer around you’ll be glad to no longer worry about disapproving stares or possible fines.

Another reason to donate your car is because you’ll be helping those in need. Your donated vehicle will help those that are disadvantaged and disabled receive the job skills and training necessary to become competitive in the workplace. It can also provide your local community with resources and supplies needed during an emergency. You can even choose which charity you want to donate to. The proceeds will go towards the designated charity and help them do what they do best, helping those in need when they need it most.

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