According to Wikipedia, “Goodwill was founded in 1902 under the name of Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries in Boston by Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister and early social innovator.” Over one hundred years later, Goodwill Industries has grown into one of the worlds’ largest and best non-profit providers of training and educating for career success to the disadvantaged and disabled, the homeless, people with physical and mental and emotional problems. Once people have been given training and have a job, the first order of business is often obtaining a car to get to work. This is where your car donation is so valuable.

Veterans returning from service overseas during wartime and conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan, and other military engagements through the years have also benefited from the Goodwill job training and assistance. Many young men go into our armed forces straight from high school, and have had little or no job training other than military specialties, most of which do not translate into civilian jobs. With little money saved up after their enlistment is over, most veterans do no have transportation either, which make it very difficult to get many jobs even after they have received training. Your donated vehicle, even one which does not look or run well, makes a big difference to the  men and women who have served this country so nobly overseas, putting their lives on the line in the name of freedom. Put this way, a used car donation is a just reward for our heroic soldiers.

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