Goodwill Car – What will Happen to Your Car when you donate it to Goodwill

If you have decided that you want to donate your car to Goodwill you have made a good choice, Goodwill offers a number of services to those in your area and the donation of a car is a significant donation that will help them to continue to provide those services. Donating cars is a popular way to help your favorite charity, not everybody wants to take the time and effort it requires to get their car ready for sale and then go through the hassle and expense of getting it sold. Donating your car to goodwill is easy; all you need is a clear title.

Charity Dispatch helps to facilitate donating your car to Goodwill, all you need to do is to call their 24 hour hotline and they will send someone to pick your car up and they will help you to get the best possible tax deduction out of your old car as well.

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