Goodwill Cars – Why Donate Cars to Goodwill ?

All too often we tend to take our lives for granted without ever realizing how lucky we are. There are many people in this world that for whatever reason do not have the resources that we have. Simple things such as finding a job to pay the rent or food to put on the table are not so simple for everyone. When you donate cars to Goodwill you have the pleasure of knowing that your donation helps others to get the training they need to help them find jobs.

When you donate cars to Goodwill these cars are sent to auction or scrap depending on the condition of the car. The proceeds from your donation are then used to help Goodwill programs for the disadvantaged by helping them to find jobs or get the training they need to get a job. Charity Dispatch can help you when you are ready to donate a car to Goodwill, they will come pick your car up and ensure that your donation gets to the Goodwill Chapter of your choice.

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