Through the generous donations of over 60 million people last year, Goodwill Industries was able to help over a million and a half Americans last year. Think about that for a minute. That is the population of a major city, like Denver, or Dallas, Detroit…think about the good being done for the ENTIRE population of a city of that size. Every man, woman, and child receiving help. That is what I call a great organization, an organization that uses nearly 85% of donated funds for job training and other programs to help people get back on their feet and become successful working again. Car donations figure heavily into Goodwill’s efforts, with many people who need a car to get to work being provided with a donated car.

Compare that 85% figure with some so-called charitable organizations, I won’t name names, but there exist organizations that use only 5% of donations for charitable causes, and the rest being paid to themselves as salaries. That is why Goodwill is one of the very, very best charities you can donate your car to. It will do the most good for the most people at Goodwill.

Of course donated cars are among the most prized donations for any charity, but many people who want to help simply do not have a car to spare, and Goodwill accepts nearly all items with any value at all to sell in their retail outlets to fund their programs, including used clothing and furniture. When help is needed, Goodwill is right around the corner.

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