There are thousands of people in the greater D.C area who need help with job training. Many are disabled or disadvantaged, and without the job training and assistance of Goodwill, these people would face an even steeper climb to get back on their feet. The lack of a vehicle further hinders job placement. Without transportation, deemed a necessity by many employers, some job applicants are just out of luck. This is where a vehicle donation to Goodwill Industries becomes a lifesaver.

Goodwill can and will accept any type of vehicle for donation, running or not. It can be new, old, in between, in perfect condition, or needing work just to run. Goodwill is very appreciative of any type vehicle, be it a car, truck, RV, a boat on a trailer, or a motorcycle. You will not even be charged to have it towed away, even if it doesn’t run. If it has a motor and tires, give them a call. Even after hours, Charity Dispatch will answer the call and arrange the logistics of the donation process, starting with the free towing of your donated vehicle. Be sure to get a towing receipt, and keep all financial records relating to your vehicle and the paperwork given to you by Goodwill within 30 days of your donation. It will state what the vehicle has sold for at auction, and this receipt will be necessary for you tax deduction if you itemize your next tax return.

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