There are bound to be many changes when a new administration takes over in the White House and in 2009, those changes are sure to be pronounced. Business will typically be affected in a big way, especially those that rely upon the government for some sort of support. While it is true that places like Goodwill Industries don’t rely on the government for everything, they do benefit when the government makes laws and regulations that give donors freedom.

So how will the new president and his team look at non-profit organizations? His stance on public service and good works has been pretty clear thus far. He is advocating giving back to the community as a means for the nation to come together, so it would follow that his laws would reflect that dedication. This means that you will probably not see any more government action that limits car donation. Since vehicle donation is the primary means by which many of these companies exist, it is very important that no more government strain is put on it.

You won’t see the government opening up any loopholes, either. Fiscal responsibility is important right now and when you donate a car to charity, you are only going to be able to claim its actual value. Don’t be surprised if the government does something to help promote this and give the charities a boost, though. If I were to donate my car, I would want to know that my kind act is being rewarded in some way. With the laws and rules concerning tax write-offs, this has never been more important.

How exactly the auto donation market will be influenced by the new administration remains to be seen, but if everything President Obama has been saying is true, there is reason to expect that things will be promising in that regard.

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