Most everyone who has driven into the countryside has seen lots of vehicles, long past their prime, sitting up on blocks on a property somewhere. Often, you can see several vehicles on the same property, sitting uselessly and wasting away in the weather. Owners of these vehicles should consider donating them to charity.

While your junk vehicle donation helps charities in a variety of ways, an added benefit you might not have thought about is important in its own right. By recycling  the scrap metal from parts that are not usable, you are helping to keep America Green! Let’s take a look at a number of ways this can happen:

1. The metal used in vehicles, both ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum,   copper, tin,  etc) can be sold to raise money. By recycling, the need to mine new ore to produce new metals will be reduced, eliminating all the toxic by-products of the processes involved in mining, including poisoning rivers and polluting the air.  

2. The space your donated  junk vehicle had been occupying, which undoubtedly consisted of dead grass underneath, will now be exposed to sunshine and the grass will turn green again! You will be able to remove the blocks many of these vehicles sat upon, turning your eyesore of a yard into an attractive, green yard once again.
3. Your neighbors, whose yard contains a couple of junkers like yours used to, will turn green with envy when your yard  becomes junker-free. Another example of the greening of America!

4. The most important green: money for charities to help our less fortunate.

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