Charitable vehicle donation is a common practice these days and as such, something of a protocol has been developed for handling it. The problem for many people who might have otherwise made an auto donation is that they don’t understand it. Because they don’t understand the process, they are wary of going through with it. What charities like Goodwill Industries are doing now is to try to educate people about what they need to do in order to make a contribution. This enlightenment effort is done in an effort to help promote more charitable giving.

The process itself is pretty simple, given that people take the time to get all of their paperwork in line. At the heart of the car donation process is this paperwork, as things like titles have to be worked out before anything else can happen. With all of the appropriate documentation and forms in hand, things can be handled rather quickly, though. When a person wants to donate a car to charity, they only have to call the organization of their choosing and go through the application process. After that is completed, all of the work is pretty much done.

The organization will typically send someone over to tow the car in, but this can vary depending upon which group you donate a car to. Some of them will offer this service, while others will ask you to make arrangements. This is important, because if you have to pay money to have your own car towed to the organization’s headquarters, you can write that cost off on your tax return. From there, you only have to find out how much money was made in the sale of your vehicle. Auto donation takes very little time and effort, short of filling out the proper forms.

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