This is the question that many individuals are now asking before they donate a car to charity. In the past, this was a no-brainer. According to the latest published reports, people are now asking more questions about the best uses of their old vehicles, though. Specifically, individuals are trying to find some assurances that they are actually getting quality value out of their old, gas-guzzling wheels. The issue at the crux of the problem is that the government has made it much more difficult for people to “benefit” from car donation.

What this means is that you have to consider a few more things now before going the auto donation route. If I were to donate my car to charity, I would need to know that the charity is going to do everything in its power to sell the car at premium value. The problem with some charities is that they will flip the car as quickly as possible, not worrying how much they get for it. This will cost me when I file a tax return, as the new laws make it so that only the amount that the vehicle sold for can be claimed as a deduction. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important to choose carefully and choose a charity with a good track record.

Charitable car donation is still a worthy avenue for helping people and gaining a tax advantage if you do it with a company that has proven the ability to get top price for their cars. Certain charities, like Goodwill Industries, have repeatedly shown the ability to get the most out of the donations that they receive. Because of that, if you were to donate a car, you might want to look at these two organizations and others like them.

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