Goodwill Industries has a program called Wheels to Work which assists people who cannot afford to buy a car. They trains and assist people in finding employment, but if public transportation is not available in their area, they may not be able to get to work. Wheels to Work provides these people with reliable cars.

Cars for the Wheels to Work program are provided through vehicle donations. Just as you donate your old clothes and household item and furniture, you can donate a car. Goodwill Industries will repair and refurbish the vehicle and give it to one of their program participants so they can become self sufficient.

Goodwill works with many different kinds of clients. In addition to working with the physically and mentally challenged, they also run programs for mature workers, new immigrants, ex offenders and low income youth. Many GW centers have free GED classes which are open to anyone who needs a high school diploma.

Auto donations also help in other ways. If your car can’t be used in the wheels to work program, it will be sold at auction and the charity will receive the proceeds of the sale. The cash raised in this way is crucial to keeping many of the community based programs viable. Most of the revenue generated comes from selling donated items. The car donation programs are responsible for a significant percentage of that revenue.

Goodwill Industries services help people to better their lives and, in turn, better their communities. Simply by donating a used car, you can support the efforts of thousands of volunteers and employees who work to make the programs a success. Your gift is appreciated and the process is much simpler than selling the car yourself. Your car will be picked up and the charity will handle all the paperwork. You can make a phone call, or fill out a form online. That’s all. If you are not sure who to call, call your local GW center or Google “Goodwill” for the location of the program nearest you.

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