Maryland Car Donations – Who Will my Maryland Car Donations Benefit?

If you have a car that you are thinking of donating you may have a lot of questions that you need answered before you do. Such as who will your car go to and can you specify the type of donor that gets your car. Car donations in Maryland can go anywhere, they can stay here in our state or they can end up going across the globe to where they are most needed. Many cars that were donated over the past year ended up in Haiti after the earthquake.

People may need cars for a lot of reasons, they may be used by nonprofit agencies to reach those that they are trying to help, or them may go to families that need to transport their child to the doctor. Those looking for a job may also need a car as well, to get back and forth to job interviews and then back and forth to work. Your Maryland car donations can have a significant impact on a life, a family or even many lives. If you are interested in donation a car check with the Charity Dispatch, their job is to collect car donations and make sure they get to the charities that need them most.

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