The D.C. Chapter of Charity Dispatch, the company handling logistical support for Goodwill car and truck donations in the metro area, has issued a BOLO (Be On Look-Out) for trucks needing a new home. These trucks not only made the 10 Most Wanted List, they are wanted Dead Or Alive…that is, running or not. Tough economic times, coupled with decreasing used car prices, has hurt everyone in the country, and charities are no exception. With cash donations down, the need has never been greater for donated trucks, to raise money at auction fundraisers or given (or sold cheaply) to families in need.

While many people every year pay money to have their unwanted  truck towed away to a scrapyard or car graveyard, a much better use can be realized by calling Charity Dispatch in D.C. Not only will you save the towing fee which the junkyard wants to hit you up for, Charity Dispatch will arrange for your truck to be towed for free, and make sure you get all the paperwork necessary to itemize your tax deduction for the donated truck.

Simply by dialing 800 506 0172, day or night, you will not only beautify your driveway or yard of the possibly unsightly truck, but you may even see the donated truck put to use by a needy family. Imagine dropping off your child at school, and seeing your old truck stop there also, dropping off a small child. Your reservation at the Pearly Gates awaits.

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