In recent years, Washington DC has gained quite a large number of people who participate in auto donations. I never knew this until I had my own run down car to deal with. Not knowing what to do with it, I resorted to looking at the usual possibilities. Trade-ins, selling your own car and junk yards are probably the most common forms of getting rid of unused vehicles, but I wanted to do something else.

Trade-ins didn’t provide a good alternative because it doesn’t pay much. It rarely is worth the hassle. Junk yards seem to be counter-productive because they take cars that still have useable parts and smash them. That didn’t seem very useful to me at all. Selling my own car wasn’t an option because I many obligations and I rarely have time to sleep, eat and breathe; much less try to sell my old car! That definitely was not an option for me.

I ended up going to a car auction event with my company and Goodwill Industries were showing what their charities did. They mentioned that not only do they accept clothes, canned foods and household items; they also accepted things such as old cars, rundown trucks and unused motors. Apparently these things are still useful even after much of them are worn down. Having never been to a charity event, I did not have the opportunity to learn this information before now.

I was grateful to have another option for my vehicle. Vehicle donation is one of the main ways many families across the USA are helped back onto their feet after a tragedy occurs. I decided I wanted to be a part of this and donated my car to charity. I am really glad that I did and I would recommend either of these aforementioned charities to anyone asking. Going to charity events such as the one I attended is a great way to learn of the opportunities these charities provide if you are looking to donate your car too. Car donation is quick, easy and perfect for the busy business type such as me.

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