It doesn’t take a Force Five Hurricane for the Goodwill to spring into action, though that may be the effort most associated with the A.R.C. Time and time again, we see first hand the work of a highly motivated core of volunteers, numbering over a million people annually when the monster hurricanes wreak havoc along America’s coastline. From far south Texas, along the Gull States, Florida, and up the east coast, Mother Nature sends us reminders each year who is the boss, and only the great dedication of Goodwill volunteers keep the devastation from being far, far worse than it already is. With the generosity of the American spirit in the form of blood and vehicle donations, volunteers spring into action as soon as a call goes out requesting their services.

Thankfully, Mother Nature takes long breaks, usually, before her titanic fits of temper, but man-made disasters unfortunately occur with much more regularity. When a house, apartment, or mobile home catches fire, Goodwill volunteers respond just like the emergency response teams of firefighters and police. Families suddenly needing shelter, clothing, and food are relieved to find the Goodwill volunteers at their side to arrange everything needed immediately, and then referring the families to the local chapter for further assistance. A donated vehicle is often available to families whose transportation has, along with their residence, been destroyed in the flames. Thanks to generous people who have an extra vehicle to donate, this vehicle will help the fire victims get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

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