Do you have questions about car donation? It does not have to be a difficult process and there are so many ways you may qualify to donate your car at an auto donation event. There are many events and charities around the country where you can donate your car. Goodwill Industries is a excellent choices are operate on a purely donation basis. When donating your car, they will accept used, new, broken down and any other type of car you wish to donate. Here we will answer some commonly asked questions you may have about auto donation.

Q: What kind of events are there that allow me to donate items?
A: Goodwill Industries hold many events quite frequently. Information regarding dates and times for events is all available on their websites. The events may include but are not limited to car shows, auctions, car drives, shoe drives and clothing drives.

Q: Can I donate a car directly to these charities or must I go to an event?
A: You may do either. Many events are for the sole purpose of donation whether that be donating your car to charity or donating other items. Available on their websites are ways of donating your items. Free pickup of your car (whether working or not!) comes standard with some charities.

Q: Are there standards for what I can donate?
A: Not as far as cars are concerned! New, used, old, broken down or perfect condition, it does not matter! Your car donation can be used to sell parts for money or given directly to a grateful recipient. All donations are welcome and help even if in a small way.

This should clarify some misconceptions about vehicle donation. It really is a simple process whether you are looking into auto donation through an event or through the company directly. And you will be assured that your donation is greatly appreciated by those who receive the benefits of your generosity. Feel free to check out the two mentioned charity’s websites and visit their events with your friends or family. You may just find that donating a car is how you would like to contribute to society.

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