Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative energy refers to energy sources that are not made by burning fossil fuels. One of the reasons we are searching for alternative energy sources is because of the issue of global warming as well as foreign oil dependency.

Many people as well as companies look for ways to use alternative energy sources. This may be due to the fact that the sources can always be used and they can be more cost-effective. Many of the alternative energy systems can be expensive to start up, but after that, money is being saved. There is an increasing demand for alternative energy sources. Many people may not be aware of how much they can really save by putting these to use. The cost-effectiveness isn’t the only benefit. The alternative energy sources are also earth friendly, having less of an impact. The main goal in the world today is to keep the earth and its resources from diminishing. By using alternative energy sources, we get closer and closer to that goal.

Some of the alternative energy sources include hydroelectricity, geothermal energy and wind power. Hydroelectricity comes from using the potential energy stored in water. The kinetic energy is used to turn blades of the turbine to create electricity. Once the system is started, the energy produced by hydroelectricity is cheap. Geothermal energy is obtained from the earth’s internal heat. To reach temperatures of only 100 degrees, we would only have to drill down into the earth about 3 miles deep.

The geysers at Yellowstone, Hawaii’s volcanic islands and the hot springs in Ireland have geothermal hot spots. All of these can be used to generate electricity. Wind power is created by harnessing the wind. On Earth, the average wind velocity is around 9m/second. If you have a windmill that is facing the winds of 10mi/hr, the power produced can reach around 50 watts.

As you can see, just a little use of alternative energy can take you a long way. We tend to develop a dependency on other people to provide us with what we need. By using alternative energy sources, we reduce that. Being at the mercy of someone else puts us at an unfair advantage. The people we are depending on can raise their prices as much as they want. We need to become more dependent on our natural resources so that when conventional sources are gone, we can still survive.