Alternative Energy
Alternative energy – energy, as solar, wind, or nuclear energy, that can replace or supplement traditional fossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas. –

In order to move away from our dependence on things, we need to look at alternative energy as means of reshaping our economy. Our planet could use a makeover and let’s face it, our wallets could stand to have a little more money in them. Many people today are starting to look at alternative energy options such assolarnuclearethanol and biodiesel energies.

Today many of our electronics are starting to use alternative energy. The eco-friendly laptops may haveOLED panels instead of the LCD that we are all familiar with. The LG Electronics ebook is one of the products using alternative energy. It is being powered with clean fuels such as methyl alcohol and natural gas.

We are wasting away our alternative energy sources. High and low tides are coming four times a day. This is twice for high tide and twice for low tide. If we aren’t putting this to use, it is being wasted. The sun is always shining somewhere on earth. If we aren’t capturing it, that precious power is being lost. How many times have you looked out of your window and seen the wind blowing? If we aren’t harnessing that wind, potential power is being blow away.

One of the most commonly used forms of alternative energy is biomass. This is a great renewable resource because we will always have municipal waste. Unless we utilize this resource, it will be put in a landfill somewhere. Then, not only will valuable energy be lost, there will also be an increase ingreenhouse gases and air pollution.

The alternative energy that can be found in the sun is also valuable. We can store this energy until we are ready to use it. Many of our renewable resources are going to waste because we are using them to their full potential. Even the automobile industry is looking for ways to use alternative energy when it comes to manufacturing their vehicles. There are so many uses for alternative energy. We could do so much to help our planet by using them.

Waste not want not is the quote that comes to mind when discussing alternative energy options. If we don’t waste it, we will not want for anything. If we are only using what we need, when we really need it, nothing gets wasted. This will ensure that there is always of supply of whatever is needed.