High electricity bill? Ways to Save Energy
Today if you turn on any news station, you will see someone stating that they can’t afford to pay theirelectricity bill. Many people are having to turn to energy assistance programs. Some people may wonder if it is the utility company causing these increases, or is it something they may be doing to contribute to such high prices. The answer is simple, it may be both!

The utility may have standard increases that you can’t avoid. There may also be things at home, such as appliances that are helping to suck the money right out of your wallet. Heating and cooling a home will cause the most energy loss. Making sure that you have proper insulation can help with this. Leave your thermostat alone! Turning it up and down can cause an energy increase. Using your dryer may be one of those appliances that are causing you to lose energy. One helpful tip would be to wait until you have a full load and then dry. Drying a partial load will consume more energy than a full load. If at all possible, use a clothes line and take advantage of the sun’s natural heat.

Lighting can also be another energy hoarder. When you aren’t in a room, turn the lights off. During sunny days, you can use the natural lighting from the sun to illuminate a room or even provide heat. A plugged in computer that is not being used can also use energy. Even though it may be off, it is still pulling energy. If you aren’t using it, unplug it. Many things that are plugged in right now throughout your home aren’t being used. Is your microwave being used?

There are many ways to save on energy, you just have to know where to start. Doing an energy audit could be beneficial to you. This is an analysis and survey of energy conservation. Energy audits can also be used for emissions of carbon dioxidecarbon monoxidemercurysulfur dioxidecadmium and nitrous oxides. Aside from energy audits, an energy consultant might be useful. They can discuss with you ways of achieving and maintain the same energy through renewable resources.

Some of these things can be expensive to implement, but once you make these changes the money you could save would outweigh that. Not only could you save money, you would also be contributing to a cleaner environment.