Green Energy
Green energy is considered electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources. Green energy doesn’t always have to be produced directly from renewable energy sources. It can actually be done through the architectural design of a building. If the building can keep itself cool during the day and warm at night, then it is said to be using green energy.

Green energy has a substantial amount of benefits. It can help prevent acid rain by reducing the amount ofsulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide emitted. It can also be beneficial to the thing that we eat such as fish. There is a reduction in the amount of mercury that is emitted, so that would help lower the fish consumption warnings that we see. Not only does it help keep the air clean, it also reduces the amount ofcarbon dioxide that is released. This is a major factor in the issue of global warming.

When more green energy is used, it creates a demand for cleaner, renewable energy. It is almost like a domino effect. When one person or company uses green energy, it has an impact on the way others view energy. Also, it helps to create jobs. The more green energy that is produced, the more green energy jobs will become available.

Green energy can also come from sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydro energy. On occasion, nuclear power is considered green because of the waste output compared to coal is lower. The above sources mentioned would help with creating jobs. If there are more solar panels that need to be installed, then there has to be someone installing them. That goes the same for wind power. If one wind farm set up 30 wind turbines, there would need to be people that installed them and maintained them.

Green energy is not only beneficial to the environment, it is also proven to be beneficial from an economical stand point, especially where unemployment is a concern. It is a cycle that can repeat itself over and over. People invest in green energy, the systems need to be installed. Then, jobs are created so that the installations can take place. Well, the people who are put to work are making an income. They can in turn, invest into green energy themselves. Then the cycle will start all over again. Everything needs a starting point, so why not start with green energy?
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