Why Choose Green Power?
Green power – Green power is electricity generated using renewable resources that generally have a lighter environmental impact than other energy resources – http://www.awea.org/greenpower/gp_what.html

Chances are you have heard the quote “go green”. Have you ever wondered what green power was? Green power is electricity that is generated usingrenewable resources that have a lighter environmental impact.

Today, some of the electric companies will off their customers the opportunity to buy green power. Even though green power may be a bit more expensive than fossil fuels and nuclear sources, you can benefit from purchasing it. Usually green power costs an extra one or two cents per kilowatts per hour. This would average out to be about $5 to $10 dollars extra more a month. If you buy green power, the dependency on other countries would decrease. This would put us at an advantage. We could control what we use and when we use it.

Green power has a very low impact on the environment. It can improve your health by making the air you breathe in and out every day cleaner. It can also preserve the earth. There are no toxic gas emissions unlike those from coal and oil. Electricity made from coal and oil is responsible for 67 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions, which produce acid rain. There is a 28% emission of nitrogen oxide which contributes to smog. The emission for carbon dioxide is 36% which produces greenhouse gasesMercury emission is 33 percent. This poses a significant health hazard.

Many companies today are buying green power. This encourages the development and use of grid-source energy technology. Many companies are doing this because they feel it is important to be community leaders especially when they know it is important to the community. A company will produce more revenue because there will be more customers.

Today consumers like to know that the place they are conducting business promotes a cleaner environment. Using renewable resources that are available enables the cost of products and services to be kept lower. Going green is becoming a new trend. There are now even dish liquids and laundry detergents that are used with environmentally safe products.

As you can see above, green power could also promote health. Can you imagine what this could do to health care costs? People are going to become sick with the common cold every once in a while, but the more we do to help keep this low, would mean less trips to the doctor. Green power has many benefits and lesser risks.