Tips to Save on Home Energy
There are many things that you can do to make sure your home isn’t wasting energy. Everyone likes to save money, and chances are, somewhere in your home right now, money is being lost. In this article, you will find some valuable money-saving tips, and some of them do not require any money out of pocket to get started.

Most energy lost in your home comes from heating and cooling. When the winter months roll around, here are some tips on saving on those heating costs. Make sure to clean your filters once a month. A clogged filter makes your heating systems work twice as hard. Do not close vents in other rooms, this reduces the effectiveness of your insulating and weatherizing, especially if your unit is designed to heat a certain amount of square footage. Another good idea is to vacuum the vents out periodically, because items could have been dropped in the vent that will not allow proper flow. If you have hard wood floors, using large area rugs will help keep it warm inside. To keep your pipes from freezing and keep your home warm while you are away, set your thermostat to 55 degrees. You won’t come home after being on vacation to find frozen pipes and cold rooms. Fireplaces provide great warmth, but they need to be cleaned and inspected regularly. When you aren’t using it, make sure the dampers are sealed. If you happen to never use it, plug the fireplace with fiberglass insulation. When purchasing this insulation, the R value measures thermal resistance. The higher the value means the better the insulation.

When cooling your home during those hot summer months, if you cool things off with a central air unit, remember to clean the outside compressor. Also, keep the fan on the unit set to on instead of auto. This will keep the temperature even and it also aids in dehumidification. Using ceiling fans is a great idea also. One key fact to remember is that during the summer, the fan should spin clockwise and during the winter is should spin counterclockwise.

When you purchase new appliances, it is wise to invest in energy efficiency. If you want to use 75 percent less energy, try using fluorescent lighting. Use a high-pressure sodium fixture outside instead of a high-intensity flood light. A few simple steps allow you to save money inside and out.