Hydro Energy
Hydro energy – energy that is taken from water and converted to electricity -http://www.greenenergyhelpfiles.com/hydroenergy.htm

Hydro energy is energy that is taken from water and converted into electricity. Canada is one of the largest producers of hydro energy in the world. Some of the advantages of hydro energy are that it is reliable and it can be used almost immediately. It also helps the reduction of global warming. Not only is it renewable, but it is also considered a clean energy source because there are not harmful toxins emitted. In earlier times, hydro energy was experienced in the form of propulsion.

Hydro energy is also cheaper than using other methods to convert energy into electricity. There are a few drawbacks to hydro energy. It can change the natural flow of the water. This could potentially harm the animals and plants in the water. It is also precipitation dependent. Wildlife and lands could be damaged because in order to create a hydroelectric dam, the area must be flooded.

There are several methods to using hydro energy. The most common method would be the use of a hydroelectric dam. This is where water comes down through an area that causes turbines to rotate. When this happens, the energy is captured and runs a generator. The flow of water can be monitored to ensure there are no ecological dangers. Power can also be generated in the form of tidal forces or waves, which use the energy created by waves.

A few other methods that use hydro energy are waterwheels, vortex power, tidal steam power and osmotic power. Waterwheels are used to power things such as mills and machinery. Vortex power creates vorticesthat can be tapped for energy. Tidal steam power will capture energy that comes vertically from tides. Osmotic power will channel river water into a container. In this container, the river water is separated from sea water by a semipermeable membrane.

There is also a method called run-of-the-river. This method utilizes the natural flow and the continuity of flow can be enhanced by using a weir. Even with all of these methods and uses, today hydro energy is mostly used now to generate electrical energy on a larger scale. Water is collected in large reservoirs.

Hydro energy is proven to be a great source of renewable power. It is a resource that is not only clean, but it is also readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it will never run out.