Photovoltaic Energy
Photovoltaic energy – produced when sunlight is converted into energy with the use of solar cells or semiconductors. –

Photovoltaic is environmentally friendly, it requires no fuel and produces no emissions. It can play a major role in climate change mitigation and pollution reduction. It’s easy to install and maintain, plus it is the most viable renewable energy options. The cost of photovoltaic may have been high, but has gone down over the past 30 years. It is basically a system that could help save the planet and help you save money.

The advantages of photovoltaic are they are transportable, expandable, environmentally compatible, energy independent and make no noise. The reliability depends on the sun. A battery can also be used to store the energy produced when the photovoltaic is not producing energy. Photovoltaic systems can operate for many years with very little maintenance needed. PV cells can be placed on roof tops or the walls of a building.

The main advantage is there is enough solar radiation available in locations around the world that are able to meet the needs of consumers increased demands of energy. Another great advantage is that there are credits available. The credits can be traded in order to reduce projects from fossil fuel sources. Renewableenergy credits are used with things such as energy portfolio standards. A percentage from energy sales must be derived from a natural, renewable source.

There are four basic photovoltaic devices which are homojunction, multi junctionheterojunction and also p-i-n/n-i-p. The energy payback is based on three factors. The first one is the amount of illumination or sunlight the system receives. The second would be the way the photovoltaic system converts efficiency. The last is the type of manufacturing the technology that is utilized to make solar or photovoltaic cells.

The sun has been around for many years and will continue to shine for many more. The sun is one of our most valuable resources. By putting to use the free energy the sun provides us with, we will be able to save money in the long run. It may be a little costly in the beginning to get everything set up, but after that the energy is free. Usually with any good investment, there is an up-front cost and this is one of them. Photovoltaic systems can give you the same production the utility company can, just for less. The money you could save on your electric bill would pay for a photovoltaic system.