Renewable Electricity Standard
Renewable electricity – electricity from renewable sources –

The Renewable Electricity Standard is also known as the Renewable Portfolio Standard. This enables renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomasswaste-to-energy and hydropower to provide us with the electricity we need. These are renewable resources that are available that are cost-effective and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Many states have put an RES into effect because they want a cleaner, more sustainable environment. There is a national standard of 25 percent renewable-based electricity by the year 2025. This would offer us a way to ensure that our growing need for clean energy is met.

We could save as much as $100 billion dollars in lower electricity and natural gas bills. Using renewable electricity would protect us from spikes in energy prices. Not only would it help us lower our bills, it would also create jobs, especially in places that are dependent on traditional manufacturing. Over $2 million dollars in economic activity could be produced when just one large, utility-scale wind turbine goes online.

You can go online and just type in the word renewable electricity, you would be amazed at the benefits. There are so many people in the world today without a job. They either got laid off or their company shut down because of the economy. Using renewable electricity on a regular basis could provide is with so many new jobs.

The main goal is for our environment to be repaired and kept clean. Saving money and creating new jobs is a bonus. We have been able to use all of these resources, yet we haven’t tapped into them. In order for us to keep working, or create new jobs, we have to have a livable planet. With so much focus on global warming, it is a sure sign that things are going downhill. We can use renewable electricity to fix both our job losses as well as our environment.

If everyone in the world would take one step, just one, toward bettering our environment, we could get out of the slump we are in. There can be some minor disadvantages to renewable electricity, but the benefits would outweigh the risks. Most of the risks are just with the up-front costs of getting things started. People need to look at renewable electricity as an investment. It is an investment that you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving you stranded in the end. What a wonderful thing that is!