Biodiesel – A Renewable Fuel
Renewable fuel – fuels made from renewable sources –

Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel. It is applicable is in situation where conventionalpetroleum is used. Biodiesel may contain the diesel, but the truth is no petroleum or other fossil fuels are in it. It is formed by replacing the glycerol from each triglyceride molecule of vegetable oil. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that reduces tailpipe emissions, visible smoke and noxious odors.

It is a renewable fuel that is made up of almost 10 percent oxygen making it a naturally oxygenatedrenewable fuel. The molecules are simple hydro carbon and they contain no sulfur or ring molecules. It does have a combustibility, or high flash point of 300 degrees. This renewable fuel does not require any special dispensing or storage and you can get the same miles per gallon as petro diesel. It also has the ability to extend your engine’s life because of its lubricating and cleaning properties.

Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly renewable fuel because it can help reduce the emissions of things such as carbon monoxide, ozone-forming hydrocarbons, hazardous diesel particulate, sulfur dioxide which produces acid rain and life cycle carbon dioxide.

The power that biodiesel contains can also be used in existing engines and fuel injection equipment. Even by doing this, the performance of the vehicle is not compromised. In 2005, Chrysler released the Jeep Liberty CRD diesels from the factory. They were put onto the American market with 5 percent biodiesel blends. Also, in 2007, the UK announced that it would start producing biodiesel from the waste oil byproduct of its restaurants. They would use this biodiesel to run its fleets.

Another great thing about biodiesel is that it can be used for heating. It is heating oil and biofuel mixed together. This bioheat is standardized and it is taxed differently than the biodiesel that is used for transportation. By July 1, 2010, all home heating biodiesel in Massachusetts has to be 2 percent biofuel and by 2013, it must be 5 percent.

Biodiesel could also greatly reduce our energy security. There is so much dependence on foreign countries. This renewable fuel can be made available to the point where it can substitute coal and oil. There are many great factors about this renewable fuel and the more time that passes, the more interested in it people become. Biodiesel could very well become the world’s leading source of fuel for generations to come.