Renewable Power – Put It To Use
Renewable power – sustainable energy sources that can be diverted for our use without endangering the ability to produce more energy –

There is enough renewable power available to us to meet our needs. Conventional energy sources are becoming limited. Peak oil production will soon be reached. In a few areas across the world, fossil fuelsand uranium are found at commercial levels.

Renewable power such as wind power and solar power can be installed rapidly. They aren’t something we would have to wait on. There are types of energy that can be stored before its use. Hydropower andbiomass can produce energy that can be stored until we need it. Renewable power does not producegreenhouse gases like fossil fuel combustion does. There is more of a demand for renewable power because of the major threat to climate change.

Sometimes renewable power goes unused because people fear the cost of having it first started. The truth is that while some of the renewable resources may be expensive to start up, the cost is nothing comparable to what you will be saving. With conventional energy resources, you can’t call up the utility company and say that you aren’t going to be using your washer this week so you would like to store that energy until a later date.

Using sustainable energy will benefit everyone. It will ensure a cleaner environment for generations to come. There is a saying, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”. That is a perfect slogan for renewable power. If you can use it today, why wait? Why keep handing over your hard earned money to the utility company?

Renewable power has always been around and can be dated back to ancient times. Maybe the problem today is that sometimes it is better to take the easy way out. Why would you spend an extra 10 or 15 minutes hanging clothes on a line, when it would only take 3 to 4minutes to throw them in the dryer? We all see the increase in utility bills, and we all complain about it. The question is when are we going to start taking advantage of the renewable power sources that are available to us so we don’t have to pay those high prices?

Most people think that if you don’t vote, you really can’t complain about what goes on in the world. In some since that is true. Same goes with renewable power, if you aren’t going to use it, can you really complain about the high energy bills?