Renewable Resources – More than That
Renewable – Relating to or being a commodity or resource, such as solar energy or firewood, that is inexhaustible or replaceable by new growth –

When people hear the term renewable resource, they automatically think clean. It is true that renewable resources have a major impact on things such as global warming and pollution. What some people may fail to realize is that renewable resources do much more than provide electricityand promote energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at the word renewable. What does it mean? Well, it means relating to or being a commodity or resource, such as solar energy or firewood that is inexhaustible or replaced by new growth. That may be a lot to take in, but the truth is renewable resources are much more than that.

Renewable resources have the ability to have a major impact on the economy. The fact that renewable resources are constantly replenished means that more jobs are created. This would equal a higher amount of money earned. More jobs per dollar are invested, unlike conventional jobs. It is estimated that renewable resources can create three times the amount of jobs that those created for fossil fuel facilities. Maybe this is because as these fuels deplete, there is a lesser need for employees.

There are three types of economical benefits for investing in renewable resource technology. First you have direct benefits. This would be the creation of on-site jobs and income. An example of direct benefits would be someone who assembles wind turbines. The assembler would benefit directly from this. Then you have an indirect benefit. This would be economic activity due to the supply of goods and services. An example of this would be if a bank loans the money for a renewable resource project, they would receive income just like the workers who supply the parts and materials. The last benefit would be induced. An example of this would be the worker that was assembling or supplying the parts takes his income and puts some of it back into the economy. This could be done simply by him going to the grocery store to buy groceries to feed his family.

As you can see there is more to renewable resources than just providing cleaner air. It goes beyond how much carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide is being emitted. It goes farther than how many greenhouse gasesare being put into the environment. The economy has pulled the rug out from under us and knocked us to our knees. Renewable resources have the ability to pick us up and dust us off.