Renewables – A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Solarwindbiomass, geothermal and tidal are considered renewables. This is because they can be used over and over again without the worry of depletion. With these renewables, we don’t have to worry about things such as them contributing to global warming or emitting greenhouse gases.

If you take a look outside at all the trees around you, what comes to mind? Maybe you reflect back to the time when you were a child when you and your friends would climb to the top of the trees in your yard. The next time you are outside, look at the trees and think about how much energy could be produced from them.

When you are sitting outside enjoying a nice sunny day, what are you thinking about? Are you remembering how you and your friends used to set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood? Yes, those were the good old days. When you are outside enjoying the sunshine, think about how much energy could be used from that great source of heat. You could harness enough of the sun’s energy by using something such as a photovoltaic cell to provide you with electricity.

Do you remember going to the beach and getting in the water to cool off? The water was so refreshing on a hot summer day. The truth is that water that you were soaking in could provide a substantial amount of energy. That energy could be used in hydroelectric dams to provide electricity.

There are many things that we have enjoyed during childhood, maybe right on into adulthood that have had the ability to provide us with energy all along. Of course, when you were young finding ways to produce energy was probably the furthest thing from your mind. Maybe now that times have changed that is something you can think about.

We can do our part to make sure that those resources are available for more than just a quick swim or getting a nice tan. We can ensure that those resources are used now in ways to help us so that our children and the children to come can use them. The more we use them and keep them going strong, the more energy will be produced for generations to come. Not only will we be able to use them for swimming and tree climbing, they will be able to provide our homes with electricity.